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Kenneth D. Loebel


The Latte Lie and Other Myths Is Tax Reform on the Agenda? It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times The Cost of Procrastination

Kenneth D. Loebel, MBA Managing Partner              - Personal Income Solutions

In the world we live in, extensive experience and product offerings matter...

What have we advise through in the past 20 years? A lot - and we managed client's assets through it all.

We have seen people come to us seeking advice and solutions to concerns such as:

  • Living longer 
  • Working fewer hours but multiple jobs 
  • Recovering from a real estate bubble
  • Concerned about their retirement income
  • Forced to take care of college kids and aging parents
  • Impacted Alzheimer's, planning for senior living, and costs of memory care
  • Concerns about how to protect an estate
  • Changes in tax code
  • Concerns about social security
  • Increased taxes and property taxes 

Call us, and learn why working with an independent experienced adviser makes a difference. 

  • Financial Planning Services
  • Investment Management Services 
  • Insurance and Long Term Care Solutions
  • Family Financial Discussions to get your next generation thinking ahead

        CALL 630-457-5388

Experience and background

Do you spend more time planning a meal than planning your retirement?

Schedule time to see for yourself why our firm can help. It takes time to meet - about as long cooking a meal.

We understand that your time is valuable. That is why we will be able to show you within the first 30 minutes how we approach financial planning, investment management, and you can share what you are interested in learning about, you will know within 30 minutes why we are different. 

And if you spend more time cooking than you spend planning, what results do you think you will get?

For more Information

Is Retirement Planning a Red Wine or a White Wine?

The financial services industry has done a horrible job of communicating important subject matter in an understandable way. I am out to change that!

We can explain in very understandable terms the important stuff... it's like knowing whether to have red or white wine with bacon wrapped scallops. What would you have, red or white? (sometimes, it depends, right?)

Investments and insurance is the same!  It is not rocket science when it is communicated properly - it is just being educated on the different approaches, much like understanding why red is better than white wine at different times. 

I make it enjoyable to understand! I regularly teach financial subjects to college students - and I understand how to discuss these topics in a way where YOU learn and understand.

And the cost to have me as an adviser may be less than paying to have a wine tasting party at your home- which do you think will help you more?

You might say, we are the Sommelier of financial products!

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We are different and it matters. 

We focus on the individual and family, not the institution.

I have worked with clients for more than 20 years, providing financial advice during the good, bad, and ugly times. I left one of the largest Wall Street firms because I felt that their mentality focused on institutions, not individuals.

We have managed client's investments through difficult times

We've managed assets through some challenging times: Tsunami, Hurricanes,Terrorism, Attacks on US soil, Financial crisis, Political unpredictability, Economic crisis management, Technology revolution replacing workers and jobs, Real estate market crash, Senior Living costs soar, Re-emergence of inflation...

Many Competitors Did Not Survive... Risk Management Matters

Many "prestigious" firms were forced out of the business or forced to merge with a bank to prevent failure. They did not manage risk well. Not us. We have grown. We believe in our approach, and it has survived when many wall street firms failed.

We are just a phone call or email away from listening to your concerns.


We are different, and our difference matters.

Contact us so you can see for yourself. 

Learn more

Does your current advisor take your relationship for granted? 

We provide unlimited meetings, proactive recommendations, asset management services, web-based meetings, online account access. Convenience. Experience. Client Concierge Service. 

Are you having concerns with your current adviser?

  • Not getting the service you deserve?
  • Not sure you know why you have the things you have and how they work?
  • Looking for an outside perspective?
  • Wondering if they understand the complexity of the markets?
  • Always feel like you are being sold something?

Call to schedule a conversation. We believe our approach makes more sense. 

       Office:  630-457-5388

       Cell:     331-222-1454

We are always willing to schedule time to meet and share our approach so you can determine whether our approach makes sense to you. 

Schedule a meeting

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